Certification Details


Steps to complete Certification


  • Go online to Jaleo Fitness to create an account and sign up

  • Attend course in person or online 

  • Submit your exam online to our Master Trainers 

  • Attend 2 virtual classes taught by a Master Trainer at your convenience 

  • Teach 2 virtual classes with existing Jaleo clientele (Master Trainer will attend to support you along the way)

  • Set yourself up on our instructor platform and start teaching !


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January 30, 31 2021

JaleoBarre Certification

JaleoBarre was created by Kinesiologist and Manual Osteopath Kara Egelton. Kara has studied many forms of fitness, including figure skating, pilates and yoga. Kara’s fitness experience and background in kinesiology, osteopathy and wellness have inspired her to create a version of barre that is fundamentally founded on proper postural alignment and core strength with unique and creative moves that challenge the body in a purposeful and safe way.

This certification teaches instructors…


Main topics covered during the JaleoBarre Certification:

Posture/alignment - how to assess and encourage change in clients

Proper abdominal contraction and control

At the barre full body lengthening

At the barre full body sculpting

Floor work


Modifying class JaleoBarre moves for special populations



February 06, 2021

What does a Jaleo Latinbarre Class look like?


A Latinbarre class is a 50-minute full body workout that Combines classic barre moves with Latin ballroom fundamentals which focuses on accenting and toning the natural curves of a women's body. In this class you will be leading your clients through high energy choreography that builds on proper posture while creating rhythmic flows of slow fluid movements combined with fast snap back control. All Latinbarre sequences are results driven and geared to tone and strengthen a women's physique. All classes can be easily modified, and all fitness levels are welcome! 


You will give your clients the tools to adjust intensity by incorporating props such as ankle weights, sliders, Pilates balls and resistance bands. You will be able to your clients obtain any fitness goal all while enjoying hot Latin beats – this is the Latin side of barre!



Jaleo Latinbarre Certification: 

Starting any fitness journey can be challenging, and it can be hard to get into a routine, Latinbarre entices clients to follow simple but effective barre and fitness sequencing that are results driven but fun! Latinbarre movements are deeply founded in Ballroom movement and simple syllabus. Foundationally there are many similarities between barre and ballroom which makes Latinbarre such an effective practice.


Latinbarre was created by a previous Latin ballroom competitive dancer, Rene Estella who combined her passion for both dance and fitness into one. Also holding a degree in Psychology and Therapy practice, she understood the importance of connecting the physical wellness to the psychological being and that there are many factors that motivate an individual's fitness journey. As well as being a mother of 2, working out and fitness started to mean something different, and the value of getting results while having a fun escape are the critical essentials of Latinbarre.



Latin music has been widely integrated into pop culture and dominantly speaking countries over the last 4 decades and continues to become more predominant worldwide. Everyone can remember that one Spanish song they heard on vacation and it brings them right back to that spot and that is the goal of every class – an escape from the everyday routine.


This certification teaches instructors the importance of exercise, rhythm, proper posture and alignment, and how to effectively guide clients through a workout that is fun and safe! Instructors will learn the fundamentals of barre and Latin ballroom basics and how these two practices have been combined in various signature and trademark sequencing and routines. 


Instructors will learn how to teach women to listen to their body, to know what stage of exercise they should be working at, protect their back and knees all while following a rhythmic routine. As we like to say in Latinbarre focus on the beat and forget the burn! 


Main topics that will be covered during a 3 hour certification training program are:

  • Posture /alignment


  • Warm up / cool downs 


  • Signature trademark series including: 

    • Krazy Chair 

    • Dinero sequence 

    • Salsa Step overs and series  

    • Cha cha planks 

    • Rumba box 

    • Samba pulse 

    • Jaleo Twist 

    • Pause Series … and more! 


  • How to modify each workout 

  • How to incorporate different props 


Mommy & Me

February 06, 2021

What does a Jaleo Mommy & Me class look like?

A Jaleo Mommy & Me class is a 40 minute full body workout that is designed to give pregnant and post-natal moms a safe, effective and fun workout! The workout includes classic movement sequences from Jaleo Barre and Jaleo Latinbarre that have been modified for mom and baby. The JaleoMommy&Me method has been found to help mom on this beautiful but sometimes stressful experience with the support of other women that are experiencing a similar journey, through relaxation, socialization and the natural mood-boosting effect of exercise! Not only have the Jaleo Mommy & Me classes been shown to help mom through the emotional adventure of motherhood, but baby loves it too! Baby gets to either participate in the class from their cozy baby carrier close to mom OR they watch mom move to music from the safety of a yoga mat next to mom- a calming experience for baby. Floor work is performed to focus on mom’s physical needs but most exercises also involve baby to encourage bonding between mom&baby. 



Jaleo Mommy & Me Certification

Training during pregnancy has shown to be beneficial for both mom and baby… BUT it is important to know what movements and modifications to use, how to perform these movements properly and WHY we use certain techniques. It is also vital to understand that the postnatal fitness experience is unique and requires special considerations and modifications that are different from the prenatal and regular exercise experience. 


Jaleo Mommy & Me was created by Kinesiologist and Manual Osteopath, Kara Egelton with over 10 years of experience specializing in pre and postnatal fitness. Kara has also personally experienced the journey of pregnancy and new motherhood as a mom of 2. Through this experience Kara created what is now known as the Jaleo Mommy & Me Method (formerly BarreMommyMethod). The Jaleo Mommy &  Me trains instructors to offer Mommy & Me classes safely and effectively for pre and post natal moms. 


This certification teaches instructors the importance of exercise pre and post pregnancy and how to safely lead moms through an effective workout. Jaleo Mommy & Me is founded in research-based best practices for exercise during and after pregnancy. This method includes a full body workout based on Jaleo barre and Latinbarre that has been modified to suit the needs of expecting moms and new moms. Jaleo Mommy & Me also includes exercises that strengthen and protect the back, core and pelvic floor in preparation for labor and for the physical changes that occur after baby has arrived.

Pregnancy is a temporary state that is constantly changing. As baby grows and changes so do the various symptoms for mom. These changes are taking place leading up to baby’s birth and after baby’s birth.  During pregnancy and postnatally, exercises should be modified at various stages. 

Instructors will learn how to teach mom to listen to her body, to know what stage of exercise she should be working at, to check for signs of strain on her back and abdominal wall and to protect but challenge her body safely. 


Main topics that will be covered during the certification for the pregnant and postnatal client:


Posture /alignment

Safety: when, what & how

Back protection

Abdominal protection 

Pelvic floor strengthening 

Pelvic floor preparation

Stretching for the pre and postnatal mom

Modified exercises for the entire body pre & postnatal

Wellness for new moms: Special considerations for working with new moms