Born and raised in Winnipeg, my family originated from Gibraltar which is a culturally enriched peninsula neighboring the southern coast of Spain. From a young age I participated in community and professional performances and expressed a passion for both dance and fitness. In Toronto I continued both competitive and social dancing, while studying full time at York University where I obtained my honors degree in Psychology specializing in Vocational RehabilitationTherapy. As a practicing therapist in Whitby I continued to be active in the fitness industry, teaching Zumba, social dance, and personal training offering in home or mobile services.


Now in Montreal I am a mom of two active toddlers, and although a lot has changed my passion for dance and fitness has stayed the same! It was most recently after the birth of my daughter that I discovered barre workouts, and immediately fell in love with the controlled isolated movements that got me the results I was looking for.
This is where I discovered so many similarities between ballroom dancing warm-ups and fundamentals of barre and that is when Latinbarre was born.  


In the last year I have grown Latinbarre into a Trademarked business – Jaleo, a Latinbarre experience and look to move forward with Teacher Certifications in the upcoming fall. I have also partnered with Kara  Egelton, owner and founder of TresBarrePro Certifications with over 8 years of barre experience, who also holds a Master Degree in kinesiology and recently certified Osteopath, to elevate both of our businesses to offer some of the best barre routines and teacher programs. 


Kara is a Kinesiologist and Osteopath with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. 

Kara began her career with a science degree in kinesiology and certifications as a personal trainer and pilates and yoga instructor. She then went on to open très studio barre inc., the first barre studio in Montreal in 2012. After noticing the need for quality barre training for instructors Kara created and developed the trèsbarrePRO method (now: BarreFundamentals under the Jaleo brand). Under this method she has trained several barre instructors and has developed techniques and choreography unique to the trèsbarre method (BarreFundamentals).

With a Masters in Kinesiology (psychology of Health Behaviour and Emotion), Kara also offers corporate wellness services to large organizations in the Montreal and Toronto areas with a focus on employee wellbeing and retention.

Kara’s passion for fitness keeps her active as a teacher as she continues to offer private training and barre, pilates, yoga and sculpt classes in Toronto and virtually.